About LSAT Foundations

LSAT Foundations is an LSAT test prep and law school admissions company with a simple mission: we want to make getting into law school simple, affordable and low-stress. 

We know that the LSAT is more than an obstacle in the path to law school. It’s a measure of skills that will serve you well in law school and your legal career.  And, the right LSAT prep offers an opportunity to hone those skills and give yourself a competitive edge as you enter law school. 

Our programs and materials are designed to give you everything you need–and ONLY what you need—to improve your LSAT score and the core skills that will impact your law school performance. And, we are uniquely qualified to provide that guidance.

Tiffany Sanders, J.D., Director of Education

Tiffany has nearly two decades of experience in the standardized test preparation and law school admissions consulting industries, including ten years with a major national test prep and admissions company. Once a test prep skeptic, she learned nearly twenty years ago that the approach that naturally made her a strong test taker could be bottled and shared. Since that time, she’s taught LSAT and other standardized test preparation classes, developed curriculum and (though she doesn’t admit this in most company) taken dozens of released LSATs just for fun.

Bob Godnik, J.D. Director of Operations and Technology

For the past several years, Bob has served as Vice President in charge of operations for one of the most prestigious Continuing Legal Education programs in the country, managing delivery of high-quality live and online instruction for practicing attorneys and other legal professionals.

Bob, Tiffany and their small, handpicked team of experts are committed to making your journey to law school simpler, less expensive and less stressful.

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