Why Law School Probability Calculators are Misleading

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It begins anew each year: the low, urgent buzz of thousands of prospective law students asking, “What are my chances?” It’s true that hard numbers make up the bulk of the admissions decision at most schools, and it is important to be realistic as you select schools. But, something critical seems to get overlooked in most discussions of “chances of admission”.

LSAT Prep is Not Like College

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In college, cramming was my standard mode of operation, and it worked. I hate to be a bad influence, but it worked even better in law school. The “one test at the end of the semester” format was made for binge workers like me. I’m sure there were advantages to outlining as you progressed through the course, but I’ll never

3 Reasons to Take the June LSAT

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The June LSAT and October LSAT administrations are by far the most popular, and with good reason. With optimal application dates in the late fall to early winter, those two test dates provide the best opportunity to get scores in hand and get applications in on schedule. Of course, there are reasons an applicant might choose to take either the

Should I Take an LSAT Prep Class?

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In a nutshell…yes. Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, an LSAT prep class will help (if you take it seriously), and your LSAT score is a very important piece of your law school application. At most schools, your LSAT score carries more weight than the GPA it took you our years to attain, so it only makes sense