Law School Personal Statement Subject Matter

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In my years as a law school admissions consultant, I’ve seen a wide range of winning personal statements and other essays, and the subject matter of some of them might surprise you. Writing a personal statement or optional essay that really captures the admissions committee’s attention requires breaking free of the “what do they want to hear” mentality and thinking …

Law School Admissions: There’s No LSAT Magic Number

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We all have our guilty pleasures, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed Legally Blonde–and not just because I carried a toy poodle around my law school campus in a book bag more than a decade before anyone had heard of Elle Woods. For the sake of entertainment, I was willing to suspend disbelief when a first-year law …

Why Your Law School Letters of Recommendation Suck

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Letters of recommendation provide a unique opportunity for both applicants and admissions officers. Unfortunately, that opportunity is wasted because most law school letters of recommendation aren’t good. Of course, I don’t mean that they don’t say good things about you; most applicants are able to find and select professors, employers, colleagues and others who will make a positive recommendation. When

Would you read every personal statement from beginning to end?

Law School Personal Statements: Finding Your Story

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When I applied to law school in 1987, I had no clue what admissions officers were looking for in a personal statement—very few prospective law students did. Most of us dutifully recapped the highlights of our applications and resumes, not really understanding what a law school personal statement was for. Today, your competitors are a bit more savvy. Most law

Why Law School Probability Calculators are Misleading

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It begins anew each year: the low, urgent buzz of thousands of prospective law students asking, “What are my chances?” It’s true that hard numbers make up the bulk of the admissions decision at most schools, and it is important to be realistic as you select schools. But, something critical seems to get overlooked in most discussions of “chances of admission”.