Dropping the LSAT Requirement

Tiffany Sanders, J.D. Law School Admissions Leave a Comment

The recent news that a small number of law schools are beginning to accept applications from students who haven’t taken the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) may have been heartening to some prospective law students. Don’t start celebrating too quickly! 

Here are a few reasons you should take the LSAT, even though a few schools don’t require it:

  • You’ll have many more options, since most law schools still require the LSAT;
  • High LSAT scores can mean scholarship money; 
  • The skills that net you a high LSAT score are also important in law school and the practice of law

There’s more, but Above the Law has done a great job of analyzing the issue, including the real reasons that some law schools are dropping the requirement. If you’re considering applying to law school without the LSAT (or just curious about what these schools are doing), read Killing the LSAT is a Bad Deal for Students.

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