Flexible Online LSAT Prep

Our online LSAT prep course combines the affordability and flexibility of self-prep with the power of personalized, expert guidance. (Our February Course Will Begin mid-November)

LSAT Course Structure

  • Take a real, full-length LSAT 
  • Receive a detailed assessment from our LSAT experts
  • Focus your efforts based on clear action steps in the assessment

For each skill or question type, you’ll work through:

  • Background and lessons
  • Skill building exercises
  • Real LSAT practice questions

You’ll work at your own pace and on your own schedule, beginning with the skills that will net you the most points and sticking with them for as long as you need.

Full Section and PrepTest Practice

At intervals throughout the course, you’ll practice timing, section management and core LSAT skills with full-length sections and timed PrepTests.

For each of the full PrepTests in the course, you’ll receive detailed, personalized feedback to help you focus your practice. 

In addition to the standard PrepTest report data offered by other test prep companies, we’ll analyze where you stand to gain the most points, based on dozens of question characteristics and passage/game features. A few of the key areas of analysis include:

  • The impact of timing on your score;
  • Specific content characteristics such as technical language and dense writing; 
  • Multiple question characteristics including:
    • Length of the question stem
    • Long or complex answer choices
    • Abstract answer choices
    • New conditionals 
    • EXCEPT/LEAST questions
    • Formal logic elements
    • Long stimuli

Every feedback report is based on a combination of our complex, proprietary algorithm and personal analysis by a veteran LSAT expert. These detailed assessments and clear action steps—the most detailed and personalized in the industry—will allow you to hone in on the specific obstacles that are holding you back and remove them, enabling you to gain more points

Veteran LSAT Teacher Support

Though you’re free to work at your own pace and adapt the schedule based on your customized feedback, you’re not alone! Just post your questions in our LSAT forums and our LSAT experts will respond. And, you’ll get the benefit of your classmates’ questions in our archives.

February Course Beginning mid-November