Free LSAT Performance Assessment

To make the most of your LSAT preparation, you must know where the points are. That means understanding not only the test structure and skills that account for the most points across the test, but also which of your weaknesses are costing you the most points.

Our detailed, free assessment of your performance on the June 2007 practice test will help you focus your preparation on the skills that will most increase your score.

We’ll send you:

  • A detailed assessment of each section
  • Preparation recommendations from an LSAT expert
  • Personalized tips for maximizing improvement (whether you prep with us or not)
  • June 2007 test explanations
  • The most detailed LSAT Prep Test analysis available…


Just enter your responses to the June 2007 practice test, which you can print out for free on LSAC’s website(Note: It is strongly recommended that you print out this test rather than working from your computer screen; you’ll be working on paper when it counts, and the minor adjustments involved can make a difference in your performance.)

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Please note only prospective law students planning to take the LSAT within the next 12 months are eligible to receive the free report.