In a Time Crunch for the December LSAT?

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ID-100260517The December LSAT is just over five weeks away. If you’ve procrastinated your preparation or decided at the last minute to register for the test, time is tight. In fact, you’re probably not going to be able to achieve your maximum possible score in the time remaining. If you’re not applying to law school this cycle and you haven’t scored comfortably above your target on a practice test, you should probably hold off, give yourself time to fully prepare and take the test in 2015.

You can’t really cram for the LSAT.

That said, we don’t live in a perfect world. Time crunches happen. If your timeline requires taking the December LSAT and you’re just getting started, you can still make a significant improvement. The key is to identify a small number of skills that will net you a relatively large number of correct answers and focus on those.

In part, of course, that means understanding which question types you’ve most commonly missed, but there’s much more to it than that. Optimizing your preparation–especially in a short period of time–means analyzing far more than whether its Assumption questions or Parallel Reasoning that hang you up.

A few of the key issues you need to consider are:

  • In which sections do you have the most points to gain?
  • Which question types within each section offer the greatest opportunity for improvement?
  • How many points are associated with those possible gains?
  • Which skills will assist you in correctly answering more than one question type?
  • Which of those skills are most attainable in the time remaining?
  • What other factors determine the questions you’re missing?

Sorting all of that out under time pressure can be overwhelming, meaning that many students who are feeling rushed don’t make good decisions about where to focus their efforts.

Help is Available

We’ve taken the guesswork out of last-minute preparation, narrowed the focus to the areas where you can gain the most points in a short period of time and created a highly-detailed practice test performance analysis that will help you identify your weaknesses beyond just question types.

Our Quick 30-Day LSAT Prep course includes short lessons, skill-building exercises and short released question practice sets in each of the areas that will net you points most quickly and certainly.

For just $149, you’ll get:

  • Detailed, personalized test performance assessment and prep recommendations
  • Lessons in each core area
  • Skill-building exercises
  • Practice sets and explanations
  • A copy of the Law School Admission Council book 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V: PrepTests 62 through 71 for use in the course and additional practice
  • Support from veteran LSAT teachers in our forums

There’s no reason to go it alone.

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