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Focused, affordable Jump Start from LSAT Foundations includes:

  • An expert assessment of your strengths and weaknesses

  • A crash course in the highest point skills and question types

  • Drills to improve those skills

  • 10 released LSAT tests with instructive explanations

All for just $99

Frequently Asked Questions

LSAT Jump Start isn’t a full LSAT course. Rather, it’s designed for the many people who will be preparing for the LSAT on their own or with a private tutor. Jump Start provides expert guidance on where to focus your efforts, along with a crash course in the skills that will impact your score the most.
If you’re planning to prepare for the LSAT on your own, Jump Start will guide your focus, saving you time and improving the effectiveness of your preparation by showing you exactly where you personally stand to gain the most points.

You’ll also receive ten released LSAT tests and access to explanations, which will save you money on materials as you begin preparing on your own.

Working with a private tutor is often the most effective and personalized means of preparing for the LSAT. It’s also generally the most expensive. Jump Start saves you money on private tutoring by identifying your areas of weakness and teaching you core LSAT skills before you meet with your tutor, saving hours of expensive one-on-one time.
Nope. Everything mentioned here is part of the package, including personalized feedback on your June 2007 LSAT results from a veteran LSAT instructor. In limited areas, you may be able to purchase private tutoring services if you wish, but the program works equally well with self-study or an outside tutor.
You can work through Jump Start at your own pace. You’ll need an uninterrupted block of three hours to take the June 2007 LSAT at the outset, so that we can provide customized guidance. After that, we recommend that you take about two weeks to work through the Jump Start materials at a comfortable pace before beginning self-prep or tutoring, but you can work more quickly or slowly depending on your available time and starting point.
You will have access to the course until the afternoon of the next LSAT administration. If you postpone your test date or plan to retake the LSAT and want to maintain access, you will have the option of extending your access until the next test date for $19.95.