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Your law school personal statement can be the factor that pushes you over the line and into the “yes” pile…or, it can be a waste of time for both you and your reader.

No law school applicant sets out to create a weak personal statement. Many simply don’t understand how to effectively illustrate the characteristics they want the admissions committee to see.

Our experts can help.

Concise, Affordable Personal Statement Feedback

Our law school personal statement review service is simple, effective and affordable. 

YOU submit a draft of your personal statement

OUR ADMISSIONS EXPERT marks up your essay with both substantive and technical suggestions and returns it to you, usually within 48 hours

YOU review the suggestions, make revisions as you choose and resubmit your essay

OUR ADMISSIONS EXPERT provides additional feedback and returns to you

After you’ve made any second round revisions, you have the option of submitting your third draft for final review and feedback.

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