Law School Admissions eBooks

Law school personal statements, optional essays and recommendations can tip the scales for the admissions committee. Unfortunately, many law school applicants don’t know how to make the most of those opportunities. Give yourself a competitive edge with one of the ebooks below, or take advantage of the package discount to get all three.


Personal Statement

Your personal statement is the most important “soft” factor in your law school application. Make the most of it! Learn how to choose the right topic, avoid common pitfalls and weave that topic into a powerful personal essay.

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Optional Essays

Optional essays impact your law school applications—whether you write them or not. Don’t miss your chance! Find out which essays you should be writing, which you should skip, how to craft effective addenda and explanation statements and more.

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Recommendation Letters

Law school letters of recommendation can have a significant impact, but most don’t—because they’re all the same. Give yourself the competitive edge; learn how to make the most of the opportunity most law school applicants miss.

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Bundle – BEST DEAL

Strengthen every aspect of your law school applications and save money! For the greatest competitive edge, get our ebooks on law school personal statements, letters of recommendation and optional essays for one low price.

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