LSAT Tutoring in DeKalb / Rochelle Illinois

Tutoring services are currently available only on and around the Northern Illinois University campus. Please do not purchase tutoring hours unless you are able to meet in DeKalb or Rochelle.

Schedule one or more 90-minute tutoring sessions with a veteran LSAT instructor, tutor and curriculum developer.

The optional free assessment in advance of your first session will focus your preparation on the skills that will most improve your score.

All the knowledge and experience of a major test-prep company tutor with:

  • The most detailed, personalized practice test feedback in the industry
  • The flexibility to buy as little as a single 90-minute session
  • Face-to-face sessions with a veteran instructor
  • Rates up to 50% lower than major test prep companies
  • FREE Jump Start program and 10 released tests with explanations when you purchase 4 sessions or more

Just $125/90-minute session


You will be contacted within 24 hours of ordering to schedule your session.