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ozalWe’ve talked in our tips emails and blog about how different law school is from most undergraduate programs, and how good students are often in for a shock when they become 1Ls.

Now, we have a solution for you!

Learn How to Succeed in Law School Straight from the Source

We’ve partnered with Professor Ozan Varol to bring you his “How to Win at Law School” course.

Sign up by Friday, October 14 using referral code LSAT FOUNDATIONS and you’ll get 20% off your course.

Why “How to Win at Law School”?

You have many options when it comes to preparing for law school, from short tips-oriented programs to full courses costing thousands of dollars.

We’ve formed an affiliate relationship with Professor Varol and are recommending this class for one very important reason:

It’s the only law school success course created and taught by a current law professor.

Professor Varol knows exactly what he and his colleagues are looking for in the law school classroom, and has tailored his class to address the weaknesses and missteps he’s witnessed among his students.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge AND a Discount

Decrease your stress, improve your grades and boost your job prospects!

Register by Friday using referral code LSAT Foundations to get 20% off!

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