Quick Prep Course

Optimal LSAT preparation takes eight to twelve weeks, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

A handful of core skills account for the vast majority of LSAT points, and with the right focus, you can master those skills and improve your score, even if you’re getting a late start.

  • Don’t waste money on a full course you don’t have time to benefit from
  • Don’t waste time digging for points in thousands of pages of content
Quick LSAT Prep Course…
  • Focuses on the highest yield skills
  • Eliminates wasted time
  • Provides customized feedback and recommendations
  • Gives you the tools to improve your score quickly
  • Offers veteran teacher support in our forums

If your test date is less than six weeks away and you need to increase your score quickly, we can help.

How the Course Works

The Quick Course is designed to hone the most important LSAT skills quickly. For example, a single skill set forms the basis for correctly answering 75% or more of your Logical Reasoning questions–that’s nearly 40% of your total test score. Mastering just that one skill set can net you several correct answers.

You’ll begin by submitting your answers to an actual, released LSAT test and receiving the most detailed performance report and recommendations available, along with detailed explanations.

Then, we’ll focus your work on the core skills that will net you the most LSAT points in a short period of time.

For each core skill, you’ll:

  • Learn the basics with a short lesson and examples
  • Try your hand at exercises
  • Practice with short sets of real LSAT questions
  • Learn time management and prioritization skills
  • Practice full length, timed sections
  • Review explanations

If you have time, use it wisely and take a full prep course. If you don’t, make the most of the time you have with this Quick Course designed  to identify the areas in which you can pick up the most points quickly and show you how to do so.

Our course designers include highly-rated instructors with years of experience at national test prep companies. Our small, handpicked team of experts is committed to making your journey to law school simpler, less expensive and less stressful.
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Be on the lookout for our Full Course this spring.