Quick Course Outline

Below is a full outline for the LSAT Quick Course. The daily schedule is only a recommendation. Depending on the time you have available day to day and the proximity of your test date, the material may be completed more quickly or over a longer period.

Before You Begin

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June 2007 Explanations
Course Overview
Review Customized Test Report

Day 1

Logical Reasoning Overview
           Argument-Based Questions
         Breaking Down Arguments
           Breaking Down Arguments Exercise
                                                Role/Conclusion Questions Overview
                                                          Role/Conclusion Practice 

Day 2

Identifying Assumptions
       Identifying Assumptions Exercise
         Identifying Assumptions Practice
           Assumption Practice Questions 

Day 3

Other Core Argument-Based Questions
       Strengthening, Weakening and Relevant Information Questions
         Strengthening, Weakening, Relevant Information Exercise
           Strengthening, Weakening, Relevant Information Practice
       Flaw Questions
         Flaw Exercise
           Flaw Practice

Day 4

Inference and Logically Completes Questions
       Inference Exercise
         Logically Complete and Inference Practice
Mixed Argument-Based Exercises
                         Mixed Argument-Based Practice


Day 5

Logical Reasoning Section Management
       Logical Reasoning Full Section Practice 1

Day 6

Reading Comprehension Overview
       Breaking Down the Passage Preview
       Breaking Down the Passage Lesson
         Using Your Passage Mark-up EXERCISE 1

Day 7

Reading Comprehension Question Types
       Reading Comprehension Question Selection
         Using Your Passage Mark-up EXERCISE 1-2
         Passage Breakdown Exercise 2
         Using Your Mark-Up Exercise 2-1
         Using Your Mark-Up Exercise 2-2

Day 8

Reading Comprehension Practice 1
Reading Comprehension Practice 2

Day 9

Logical Reasoning Full Section Practice 2

Day 10

Comparative Reading Passages
       Reading Comprehension Practice 3
       Reading Comprehension Practice 4 – Optional

Day 11

Reading Comprehension Section Management
       Reading Comprehension Full Section Practice 1         

Day 12

Full Length Practice Test 

Day 13

Analytical Reasoning Overview
       Ordering Games Overview
       Translating and Incorporating Conditions
       Ordering Games Exercise 1         

Day 14

Questions Overview 
       Ordering Games Exercise 2 

Day 15

Full Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Sections

Day 16

Formal Logic Lesson 1
     Formal Logic Exercise 1
Formal Logic Lesson 2
     Formal Logic Exercise 2

Day 17

Ordering Game Single Passage Practice 

Day 18

Sorting Games Overview
         Sorting Games Exercise 1
         Single Game Practice
Combination Games Overview

Day 19

Full-length Games Practice 

Day 20


Day 21

 Final Full Length Practice Test


Logical Reasoning Miscellaneous Question Types

Not Currently Available

But be on the lookout for out Full Course this spring.