Postponing Your LSAT Test Date

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With the June LSAT approaching, the question arises (as it does in the last few weeks before every LSAT administration): Should I postpone my LSAT test date? Maybe. I can’t answer the question for you, but I can tell you what you’ll need to consider in order to make the right decision. How are you scoring on practice tests? It …

Start Law School a Step Ahead

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The first semester of law school comes as a shock to many students. After having mastered college (at least to the degree necessary to be admitted to law school), many 1Ls are distraught to discover that law school isn’t just a harder or higher level version of the same—it’s a whole different ball game. Reading Case Law is New to …

The Strategic Typo – Let’s Get Real

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Most misconceptions about law school applications are easy to understand. It’s easy, for example, to understand the impulse to explain away negatives in a personal statement or to focus essays on key accomplishments that already appear in a few other places on your application.   Once in a great while, though, a bit of advice making the rounds stops me cold …

Why the LSAT Matters

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LSAT test takers come in two basic models: natural test takers who are happy to give a few hours to showing their stuff and are confident that their high scores are a reflection of their natural ability and those who see it as a pointless hoop, an obstacle that must be overcome in order to get on to the business …

Why Your Law School Letters of Recommendation Suck

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Letters of recommendation provide a unique opportunity for both applicants and admissions officers. Unfortunately, that opportunity is wasted because most law school letters of recommendation aren’t good. Of course, I don’t mean that they don’t say good things about you; most applicants are able to find and select professors, employers, colleagues and others who will make a positive recommendation. When

Would you read every personal statement from beginning to end?

Law School Personal Statements: Finding Your Story

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When I applied to law school in 1987, I had no clue what admissions officers were looking for in a personal statement—very few prospective law students did. Most of us dutifully recapped the highlights of our applications and resumes, not really understanding what a law school personal statement was for. Today, your competitors are a bit more savvy. Most law