Postponing Your LSAT Test Date

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With the June LSAT approaching, the question arises (as it does in the last few weeks before every LSAT administration): Should I postpone my LSAT test date? Maybe. I can’t answer the question for you, but I can tell you what you’ll need to consider in order to make the right decision. How are you scoring on practice tests? It …

Balance Your LSAT Practice

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Tackling one section of the LSAT at a time may seem like the most reasonable approach. You don’t want to take on too many new concepts at once, nor do you want to risk mixing up similar-but-different processes in your practice.  Those are valid considerations, but there’s a competing concern: LSAT skills rust when not applied on a regular basis. …

Should I Take an LSAT Prep Class?

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In a nutshell…yes. Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, an LSAT prep class will help (if you take it seriously), and your LSAT score is a very important piece of your law school application. At most schools, your LSAT score carries more weight than the GPA it took you our years to attain, so it only makes sense …

Should I Retake the LSAT in February?

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That’s a common question this week, after LSAC either blindsided you or gave you cause to celebrate with the New Year’s Day release of December LSAT scores.  The registration deadline for the February LSAT is on Wednesday, so there isn’t much time to weigh your options and assess how much improvement you think you can make between now and February …

Take a Leap of Faith in LSAT Prep

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Whether you’re preparing for the LSAT with us, taking a live class with a national test prep company or studying on your own with retail books, you’re almost certain to encounter some approaches that are alien to you. That’s challenging for most law school applicants for obvious reasons: you’ve made it through three or four years of college with solid …

Taking the LSAT Tomorrow?

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It’s Friday morning, and that means that more than 25,000 of you will be taking the LSAT tomorrow morning.

In that final 24 hours, the temptation can be strong to make a last minute push. Some students like to take a full-length test on Friday. Others want to squeeze in a long day of practice on weaknesses. Some try to

In a Time Crunch for the December LSAT?

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The December LSAT is just over five weeks away. If you’ve procrastinated your preparation or decided at the last minute to register for the test, time is tight. In fact, you’re probably not going to be able to achieve your maximum possible score in the time remaining. If you’re not applying to law school this cycle and you haven’t scored