Balance Your LSAT Practice

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Tackling one section of the LSAT at a time may seem like the most reasonable approach. You don’t want to take on too many new concepts at once, nor do you want to risk mixing up similar-but-different processes in your practice.  Those are valid considerations, but there’s a competing concern: LSAT skills rust when not applied on a regular basis. …

Start Law School a Step Ahead

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The first semester of law school comes as a shock to many students. After having mastered college (at least to the degree necessary to be admitted to law school), many 1Ls are distraught to discover that law school isn’t just a harder or higher level version of the same—it’s a whole different ball game. Reading Case Law is New to …

The LSAT Reading Comprehension Trap

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Rarely has an LSAT student approached me and said, “I’m having trouble with Reading Comprehension.” Perhaps that doesn’t surprise you; after all, reading comprehension is a basic skill that we’re tested on again and again, beginning in elementary school. Of the three sections on the LSAT, it’s the one that’s most familiar and most comfortable for many students (even if