Working with an LSAT Tutor?

Jump Start Saves You Money

When you’re paying for tutoring by the hour, you want to make the most of your time.

With Jump Start, you’ll get:

  • An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, with personalized study recommendations

  • An introduction to each of the LSAT sections and the skills associated with it

  • Walk throughs of the question types that account for the most LSAT points

  • Exercises to build the skills that most impact your score

  • Released LSAT PrepTests 62-71 and access to explanations

All for just $99

You could easily spend 5-10 hours covering these basics with your tutor…which could easily cost $500-1000 or more.

Get the basics under your belt before you begin, then use your tutoring time to focus in on the areas where you really need help. You’ll save time and money.